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It isn't often that LinuxWorld has the chance to bring you a verbatim report from the China People's Daily, but it's the exception that proves the rule. So here, with out compliments, is a story from this week's English-language edition of the only daily newspaper in the world whose Web site has permanent links to the Selected Works of Deng Xiaoping. The story, from November 26, 2003, reads as follows: Microsoft moves to improve image in China Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of the US software giant Microsoft, has started a new campaign to strengthen partnership with governments and businesses on the mainland in the face of increasing challenges from the industry. China's Ministry of Education (MOE) and Microsoft signed a co-operative framework on Thursday under which the US business will contribute US$10 million in five years through investment, donation an... (more)

Monty Python Meets Darl McBride

SCO's Verbal Argument (a judge takes his seat) Judge: Good Morning. SCO Lawyer: Good Morning, your honor! Judge: Ah, thank you. SCO Lawyer: What can I do for you, sir? Judge: Well, I called this hearing to hear your reasons why you are suing IBM. More specifically, to hear what kind of evidence you have against IBM. SCO Lawyer: Ah, evidence! Judge: In a nutshell, yes. So I thought to myself "a bit of verbal argument from SCO might do this case good and shed some light on what this is all about." SCO Lawyer: Come again? Judge: I want to know about the code. SCO Lawyer: Oh, I tho... (more)

As Google Kicks Off at $85, Lindows "Postpones" Its Own IPO

In April, San Diego-based Lindows, Inc., publicity-conscious developer and vendor of Linux-based operating systems, announced that it has filed a registration statement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for the initial public offering of its common stock. Yesterday it called a halt to the IPO, although its registration statement remains on file with the SEC. Rather than withdraw it completely, Lindows "may proceed with a public offering at a later date," it said. The stock market isn't the only "fickle" element in the decision. As we reported earlier in the week, wit... (more)

Sony Pictures and HP Redefine Content Storage and Delivery

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) has unveiled its plan to dramatically streamline the distribution of its film and television content by leveraging a series of new digital entertainment technology and services created by Ascent Media Group (AMG) and HP. By digitizing its library of media assets both film and TV SPE can create content once and deliver it to its partners and customers many times, in any standard or format, more securely, quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. SPE's first-of-its-kind alliance with AMG and HP will transition the formatting, management and di... (more)

Mandrake Momentum Continues

(July 2, 2003) - Three quick questions. Which Linux distro is regarded as the most international of Linux distros due to its installation being supported in more than 40 languages? Which Linux distro dates back to November 1998, when three French-speaking Linux enthusiasts met on the Internet? Which Linux distro was named Product of the Year and Best Linux Distribution/Server at the 1999 LinuxWorld Expo? If you answered "Mandrake Linux" to all of the questions above, award yourself three points. Now headquartered in Altadena, CA, as well as in Montreal and Paris, and with techno... (more)